Plants that are Good for the Office 

It is something that is worth noting: some of the experts want you to add some green and life in your house, which will give two benefits. First, it will give your interior the fresher air provided by the plans; and second, the aesthetics it provides to your interior design. 


While most people think that artificial plants would be enough, we want you to reconsider the decision ( if ever you think of having the same). Artificial plants may be advantageous in some aspects too, but they can never give you that fresh look and air real plants can give.  


When choosing a plant in the house and even in office environments may need some planning and careful decisions. The Misty interior design professionals are equipped with this; in fact, other professionals can offer you with assistance too. No matter how you like to begin the planning and the designing, reading this article will help you get started.  


The following are the plants’ idea for offices: 


Small cacti – When you have a busy office that is well exposed to sunlight, some bowls of cacti mixtures as well as Thanksgiving Cactus or Christmas Cactus will be very great. They are colorful and will bring some life to your office. What is good about them is that they tolerate less irrigation so you do not need to worry if they are too exposed to sunlight. They also require less maintenance too! 


Croton – croton is another plant is suitable if you have a well-lit office. They are a large plant that is grown for its foliage. There are different varieties but what makes these plants great is that they have thick stems that branch out to be big colorful leaves. These plants need a warmer environment with great humidity.  


Kalanchoe – This plant is a succulent that has small bursts of bloom above its glossy foliage. It can also tolerate sunny windows and the environment, although unlike cactus, you need to water it regularly.  


Ivy – if your office relies on artificial light and does not get that much light from the sun, then the ivy would be a great fit for it. Also known as Hedera Helix it is popular for office interior designing add-ons and is known because of its leaves and thin vines. It can tolerate dark and bright areas although when you opt for this plant, you need to provide support and to water it sparingly.  


Spider plant – what makes this plant attractive is the spiky light green foliage that will make your office look interesting. They are commonly put in a hanging basket while their stems will cascade down over the pot’s edges. This plant can tolerate mild neglect and can be an idea for you if you are not that kind of person who has no green thumb. Thye needs minimal light and water.  



Even if you have an old office or a new one, adding some real-life plants can provide a huge change in its interior design. Besides the aesthetics it provides is also the fresh breath of life that you will be getting from them — makes the work less stressful.  

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