Our next general meeting is April 18.

The April meeting will be held at the Broadneck Library -- due to a scheduling conflict with the Severna Park library.

Broadneck Community Library

1275 Green Holly Drive

Annapolis, MD  21409

(410) 222-1905

(Paste the two line address into your Maps app)

Membership and meetings are free.

The meeting will start with Questions and Answers between members; i.e.,



The March program was a ‘show and tell’.

Review on the programs page.

Annapolis Apple Slice (AAS) is an Apple user group for persons who are interested in Apple devices*. Membership is FREE; but we ask that you register if you wish to get the benefits of membership -- e.g., door prizes, check out books, join the on-line discussion group, etc.

AAS meets monthly from January through November in the Severna Park Branch of the Anne Arundel County Library.

(Please click on this link for directions to the library.)

*Apple devices include the Mac mini, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac Pro, ThunderBolt Display.

The elected officers for 2015 are:

        President                Michael Harford

        Vice President        Mike Torri

        Treasurer                John Corkran

        Secretary                Ken Ashbrook

The next board meeting is scheduled for April 11

To visit us, please click on this Schedule/Calendar and/or directions link. You will also find these links on the Meet & Cal Info page; or from anywhere, click on “Meet & Cal Info” at the top of a page.

Our four officers for 2015 were voted in at the November 22 ’14 meeting. They are posted on this page: 2015 Officers

Any volunteers among the membership willing to share their Apple software or Mac desktop/laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad experiences?

Send an e-mail to the Program Coordinator.

The year’s (2015) meeting dates are in AAS’s webcal. Links to our webcal are on the Meetings page. If you subscribe, your webcal entries will be updated when AAS updates the entries.

Board meetings (registered members only — FREE, register at any meeting) will be held at the Severna Park Library.  See the Board Schedule/Calendar.

If you find any ‘broken links’, please contact the webmaster

Note for ‘Switchers’ (PC users who are considering buying or have bought an Apple product). A ‘Genius’ at the Apple store will migrate your files from PC to Mac for free. For more questions & answers come to an AAS general meeting 

These are also good places for Switchers to start:

Getting started with your new Mac

Getting started with your first iPhone

Getting started with your first iPad

Getting started with your first iPod Touch

Getting started with your first Apple TV

Getting Started with iCloud

Getting started with iTunes

A good third party instructional video site: Mac Basics

A good third party ‘show and tell’ site: OS X columns

Stanford University has been giving courses detailing how to write applications for

Apple’s iOS; for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

They are available from iTunes at the iTunes U tab OR

You can get to the Winter 2010 course from here:


You can get to the Fall 2010 course from here:


You can get to the Fall 2011 course from here:


You can get to the Winter 2013 course from here:


You can get to the Fall 2013-Winter 2014 course from here:


You can get to the Winter 2015 course (using Swift) from here:


You can view a simplified Apple tutorial here:


AAS is a member of the Macintosh User Groups (MUG) and The Apple Groups Team (TAGTeam).    TAGTeam is NOT affiliated with Apple, Inc.




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